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24 blocks of 1 lb EPS 9.5” x 26” x 47” was used to replace the existing foam in these commercial aluminum floats. I would like to acknowledge the excellent customer service and expertise I received from Universal Foam LLC while I was researching dock float foam for replacement in our 36 boat community dock. I appreciated the time Ann McPherson took with me in familiarizing me with their product and helping me to make the best decision in purchasing. It was not only their pricing that swayed me but Ann kept in touch until I was ready to order and made sure all my questions were answered. When the foam came in, we opened the old aluminum clad floats, pried out the old water-logged foam, and slid the new custom made foam blocks right into the aluminum shells. They fit perfectly. We will be ordering more to replace the foam in all the rest of the floats! Thank you! I enclosed a picture of our dock so you can see where the foam is being used.

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