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Rock Solid was the theme of the conference, so they needed some boulders! Having used Universal Foam Products for the past 4 years for all of their creative sculpting needs, they purchased 3 pieces of 1 lb density EPS 12” x 48” x 72” and used a hot knife and sculpting tool to do the carving. To give it dimension they hot glued chunks together. The eps foam rock formation turned out so well that, at the conference, they were asked do a seminar next year on sculpting with foam.

EPS blocks are used to create rock formations for everything from gardens to grottos. The carved blocks can be coated with a variety of different materials to produce realistic surfaces that are light weight and extremely durable. Let Universal assist in your next landscaping project.

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Green Roof Construction »

EPS (expanded polystyrene) is becoming the most popular insulation / void fill material for green roof construction. Available in densities from 10 psi to 60 psi, it has the same compression strength as extruded polystyrene at a fraction of the cost. EPS panels are available from 1” to 48” thick making installation much faster. As more cities are requiring green roofs for multistory residential and business construction, architects are turning to EPS for a high quality readily available insulation material.



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EPS15 Geofoam were used as lightweight fill »

Kennedy Row, Green Roof Project
Blocks of EPS15 Geofoam
Used as lightweight fill

Kennedy Row, a 142-Unit Luxury Apartment Community with 2-Story Underground Parking in Washington, DC called for a green roof above the parking structure. Blocks of EPS15 geofoam were used as lightweight fill to build up the elevation prior to planting. The EPS15 geofoam weighs less than 1 lb per cubic foot and has a compression strength of 3.6 psi, to easily handle the dead and live loads imposed by the plantings and pedestrian traffic. The end result is a beautiful park like setting.

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