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Foam Stadium Seats »

EPS Geofoam can save considerable time and costs on construction projects in theaters and stadiums. Did you know that concrete slabs can be installed on top of pre-cut and pre-tapered EPS blocks, reducing the overall weight and reducing installation time? Our foam expert associates can advise on the right EPS or STYROFOAM brand product for your stadium seating and we ship directly from over 100 locations nationwide. Call us on (410) 498-0000 or send us an email at to get advice on this economical stadium solution

Roof Insulation »

Styrofoam Brand Foam insulation sheets are a flexible and effective choice when considering roof insulation options for your home, garage, barn or other construction project. The foam sheets have a range of densities depending on your specification and are lightweight and easy to install. Supplied in 24” x 96” or 48” x 96” panels, they can also be notched or cut further on site with a saw. For more examples of successful construction projects with foam sheets as roof insulation visit our Past Projects