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Melt Away EPS Ceiling Tiles »

1 lb density expanded polystyrene is used to make melt away ceiling tiles. These EPS ceiling tiles are used in place of standard fiberboard ceiling tiles when the sprinkler heads are above the ceiling. A typical application would be when office space constructed inside an existing warehouse with a sprinkler system. The tiles are called “melt away” because they are designed to melt from the heat of the fire to allow the heat to set off the sprinkler heads above. The EPS ceiling tiles which are typically 3/4″ or 1″ thick fit into standard 2×2 or 2×4 ceiling grid. This particular application was a tegular or “dropped” tile which is notched to come down slightly below the grid.

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Lightweight void fill to level swimming pool bottom »

Swimming Pool in San Jose, CA
EPS 46 Geofoam used
Full and tapered blocks

EPS46 Geofoam was used for lightweight void fill to level the bottom of this swimming pool that had originally been designed with a slope. Cook’s Peninsula Pools, of San Jose, CA was the pool contractor. They purchased full and tapered blocks of the EPS46 Geofoam. The pieces were labeled to match the shop drawings produced by Universal Foam Products. Everyone was very impressed with how smoothly the installation went.

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Custom Media Room designed using 1 lb Density EPS Foam Panels »

Private Residence,
Chattanooga, TN.
Custom Media Room.
Trophy Room Tree
by A.B.Lovell Custom

The walls, ceiling and tree are carved from 48 panels of 1 lb density EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam and wood with a concrete coating.

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